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Scented Wax Melts: Our Yankee Candle Pebble Warmer can be used to warm scented wax melts. Simply add one or a few cubes of your favorite (combination) wax melts to the blue dish. Then, place a lit odorless tea light on the bottom. 

Reusable Wax Warmer Liners: Our reusable wax warmer liners make it much easier to combine and change your scented wax melts without the mess. Simply place a liner in your warmer and add your favorite (combination) wax melts before using your warmer. When you are done, let the wax (warmer) cool off complete and pop out the wax in order to reuse the liner with the same or other scented (combination) wax melts.

Fragrance Oils: Our Yankee Candle Pebble Burner can also be used to warm fragrance oils. Add some water and a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil(s) to the blue bowl. Then, place a lit odorless tea light on the bottom.